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Our Services

Supporting you to grow your own way & feel more in control of your life.
We support Women (18+) who are NDIS, Aged Care or Private clients.
Please email us to WAITLIST 1:1 support & join our groups 

Peer Chats

Therapeutic peer conversations with someone who gets you.


Need somewhere quiet just to talk with someone who understands MH/ND women? Book in for Peer Chats with our skilled lived experience mentors. 

As lived experience MH/ND peers we really understand because we've been there too.

Mindful Peer Chats are relaxed catch ups that allow a safe space to unmask & just talk about what's going on for you and help to promote self awareness & acceptance. 

Peer chats are trauma informed & work on building your self compassion, validating your feelings & helping you remember your unique strengths.


Feeling your feels, silly jokes & laughing welcome. We can meet in our calming studio space, or out in the fresh air, go for a walk, or chat over coffee, it is entirely up to you. Also available as telehealth for regional & remote women who need this support.

While our Peer Chat conversations are evidence based and therapeutic, please note we are NOT a crisis service and these are NOT formal counselling or a replacement for therapy. Peer chats require your active engagement.

'We don't have to do all of it alone, we were never meant to.'  
~ Brene Brown

Recovery Coaching for women

We know your recovery journey is not linear so we offer our evidence based, flexible & understanding service to support you.

We're passionate about supporting women living with psychosocial disabilities on their recovery journeys to increase self compassion, develop coping skills, build  supportive community & live their most fulfilling lives. 

How does our MH recovery coaching help you?

  • We work with you to develop a plan that reflects your wellbeing needs and grows with you

  • We are a confidential and safe space for you.

  • You choose how frequently and how long you engage with our support services

  • You can choose to attend your sessions by phone, online or in person at our soothing Space

  • You choose from a range of therapeutic coaching approaches to find what suits you.

  • We support you to find other NDIS services to meet your disability support needs

  • We know your recovery is not linear so we offer flexible understanding service to support you

  • We work together throughout the process with regular check ins to review your needs.

  • Our recovery coaches ALL have lived and professional experience working with mental health and neurodivergent women. We get it.

  • We offer optional local or online group support in addition to your one-on-one coaching sessions

Our recovery coaches ALL have lived and professional experience working with mental health & neurodivergent women. 
We really do get it.

We'll co-create a recovery and wellbeing plan with you so you can feel more in control and confident & can celebrate your wins as you go....because we know that recovery is tough, but together we are stronger.

Dancing in Park

'We are all just walking each other home'  
~ Ram Dass

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Home & Life task support

Feeling overwhelmed at home & need some support? Let us help!


We're passionate about supporting you to live as independently as possible & creating a calm home where you can feel at peace. Our mindful mentors can help you with the household tasks you struggle with & support you to build life skills so you can manage better at home and feel more in control.

No just cleaning, we offer side-by-side support through body doubling. We can be your partner in motivation, helping you complete challenging tasks, get more organized at home and feel empowered.

We'll co-create a home & life task goal checklist and support plan with you so you will feel like you are getting somewhere & will celebrate the wins with you as you go....because we know that sometimes the small things take a lot of courage to face.

We are a PET FRIENDLY team, we understand your furkids are important to you & we love them too!

Community & Transport

Getting out & about in our community & finding 'our people' is so important for our wellbeing. We're  passionate about supporting you to live as independently as possible & assisting you to get out into your community on your terms... so you can be the main character in your own life.

Your support team are also here for you if you'd like more support to get out and about, are anxious being alone or would like some social support to feel more confident to join new community activities or groups.


We can also provide independent transport support to get where you want to go with care & we won't cramp your style or follow you around if you want to do your own thing or catch up with friends & family.

This is an ongoing weekly individual service. We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate & ad hoc appointments & events for our participants. 

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On a Laptop

Body Doubling & Mentoring

'Body Doubling'  =  doing tasks alongside  someone, like a soft accountability buddy 

We understand the paralysis! And we understand that many people cannot access to face to face support for various reasons such as living regionally. So as well as our face to face 1:1 Body Doubling & Peer Coaching support, online zoom sessions are available for people who struggle with motivation for home tasks & life admin, to help you get more organised & kick feelings of overwhelm.  NDIS participants can generally access this support through Peer & Skill building support in CB budget.

ADHD support

@'The CHAOS Club'


The Chaos Club is our online Body Doubling & peer support group, especially for people with MH & ADHD'rs who struggle to Get Sh*t Done & need a safe online space to be among understanding community.

This is a FREE Facebook community to make this accessible for people who do not have funded support. We hold challenges, share bad memes & encourage each other along the way because we all understand the daily struggle to keep up.

Women's Wellbeing Circles

Struggling alone & need some understanding support?

Term 3 starts Jul 15th (10 weeks terms)

Join our therapeutic Women’s Wellbeing circles, a gathering of women, for women. These small group mindful peer sessions give women a safe space to connect, share & empower each other through our stories & mutual support.


Facilitated by our lived experienced peer workers, we will be exploring various recovery plans, gentle yoga and mindful practices to help you develop wellbeing tools to support you on your recovery journey.


Come for some time out and company in a non-judgmental environment where you can relax, be yourself and feel accepted. This is an ongoing weekly Innovative Community group session, please register your interest via the Enquiry email - spaces are limited.

Please note this is not a crisis service and does not replace the support of your mental health professionals

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