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NDIS Workshops & DIY support
Want more control over your plan & life? Knowledge is power!

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So.....we're kind of tired of seeing people feeling sidelined & getting lost in the system. You are not an extra!

Our founder has been around since the inception of the NDIS in the NT (yes she feels that old!) So we have a deep understanding and working knowledge of the everchanging and sometimes intimidating landscape of the NDIS. With a case management background & a strong justice league streak, we like to think of this knowledge sharing as our tiny super power that can help you be the main character in your own support journey!

These 1:1 & small group workshops are designed to empower you with a better understanding of your plan funding, how to use this to kick YOUR goals, and how to protect yourself along your NDIS journey. Because while most providers really do care about you, we've seen some things and we want better for you.

Part of the support coordination role was originally meant to include time for education so that you could eventually DIY with confidence, yet in reality there is very little time for this. We want to bridge this gap.

What these plan education workshops ARE -

Accessible information sharing of current NDIS processes and resources

Information to increase your understanding of NDIS funding categories

Understanding the 'reasonable and necessary' contingency on funding use

Understanding your right to Choice and Control (and how to get help when this is not being respected)

Overview of the plan review processes and how you can help to prepare for this

How to set strong NDIS and life goals to help you get the support you need to live your best life.

Education on important Advocacy and NDIS protection resources available to you

What these plan education workshops are NOT -

Replacement for your COS & LAC individual advice

A one fits all advice source

Individual review planning or consulting

Individual support funding advice (this is for your COS/LAC)

Lip service sessions to air your frustrations about the NDIS (though tempting we do get it!)

An attempt to steal you away from your COS or sell you anything! (really, we are at capacity!)

Want to empower yourself? Get in touch for more info!

Please Note - Limited 1:1 Sessions are available offered face to face or telehealth, small groups coming soon

Sessions can be covered by your CORE or CAPACITY BUILDING funding if available or privately funded.

Get in touch with Kelly & the team to register for workshops or arrange private plan education support.

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