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Welcome to the ChAos Club!
Our pilot for a low cost membership based online peer support model to help overcome the barriers to support services for our neurospicy sisters in regional & remote Australia. Help us disrupt the current service model!
Launching Soon!

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We are so excited to launch the MLS ChAos Club our innovative online Peer coaching & Body Doubling membership for women across Australia!


Now you can access evidence based and effective Body Doubling & Peer Mentoring support especially for Women (18+) with ADHD, Autism + Mental Health struggles online no matter where you live across regional and remote Australia!  A tribe of women who get it.

Support BY women with ADHD + MH for women with ADHD + MH because we get the struggle to get sh*t done & are here to cheer each other along as we go.

Our Body Doubling peer support is evidence based and designed and hosted BY women with ADHD + MH struggles especially to help you get sh*t done & feel more in control. Why? because we get it, we understand & want you to know you are not alone.  We are building an online community to support neurospicy women across rural & remote Australia in a much more accessible & affordable support model that understands your needs! 

The ChAos Club is designed & run by real women offering simple evidence based support solutions. Not some sketchy AI program offering a hundred options that leave us overwhelmed & paralyzed and never quite works for us... like our AI pic here.  (I mean look at her and her 2 coffees lol) 

As a registered NDIS innovative community provider, this online subscription will be available to private and NDIS funded participants across regional and remote Australia for a fraction of your usual support costs. We know many people cannot access the NDIS or get quality face to face support so we are bringing our award winning peer support to YOU! 

Our ChAos Club Membership benefits include - 

  • Support from an (award winning!) lived experienced team of peer specialist women

  • Non invasive, neuroaffirming & trauma informed support from women who get it

  • Monthly themes AND checklists to help you get back in control of home & life admin

  • Weekly email check ins to help you stay on track  & hep with motivation

  • Goalsetting tips and encouragement to help you kick your goals

  • Monthly LIVE online Body Doubling peer group ' Coffee & Cleaning' community dates

  • Members only options for private online body doubling & peer coaching sessions 

  • Accessible social support especially for ND/MH women living in regional areas 

  • Private Blog for self education, understanding & cultivating self compassion  

  • Supports peer development & remote employment opportunities for ND women

  • Helping to smash the mold & create much needed positive change in this sector!


& the best part? we are making this support ridiculously affordable at  

less than one therapy hour a year & less than a cup of coffee a week!

We know that many women with neurodivergent &/or mental health challenges are either struggling alone or receive very little NDIS funding or support, if they can even find any in their regional and remote areas. We are building this body doubling membership as an affordable yet powerful evidence based support you can use alone or to supplement and help get the most out of your in person support time, empowering YOU to set your own goals and feel more in control of your home & life...

Because we are better together.

Sign up to the waitlist for our June launch of the ChAos Club Body Doubling & Peer support membership to get your discount code for a tiny $9 a month (annual membership*)

Don't miss out, waitlist closes 15/06/24

PS. please don't tell my accountant, I know we can make this work together!

Want to get to know us first? Join our FREE Facebook community~

I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you, telling bad jokes, drinking coffee &
getting our sh*t done together!  Kelly :)
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